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What I’m Making For The Holidays! Blog Hop

Hi everyone, I thought I would start a Party List for recipes.

Since the holidays are upon us, let's begin this party blog with recipes and crafts you are making for the holidays. Post your delicious food recipes, or even recipes for soaps or perfumes, the key phrase is "Holiday Recipes!"

I am in the process of working on an entire catalog of blog trains and link parties, so stay tuned for some fun and sharing by following us, and I will post updates to the challenges, link ups, and fun.

I have also created a new directory for just this purpose, so if you host a Linky Party or Blog Train, we have a new directory just for you to add your hosted blogs and websites.

Whether you host a monthly freebie train, or an everyday meme or theme party, there is a category for each type.

Add your link up here!

We started a new linky to go till January. 
Just continue to add your recipes to the new one below!
Explanation below the new one!

Add your favorite recipes, a crochet item, sewing and other crafts you have made, or anything related to the 3 month Holiday ahead of us! Share your favorites and your best!
Be sure to check out others posts too, you might get a yummy new recipe, or find a DIY for that problem you were wondering how to solve. Happy Holiday!

Due to yet another internet based company changing platforms for big business and greed, the service below has become way out of proportion wanting 8 a month for what I can get for 20 a year. HELLO! NO! Therefore I have closed the below linkup and replaced it with a new one, I will be adding in the future. 

Do you host a Linky Party or Blog Train? Add your hosted blogs & sites to our Directory.
Whether you host a monthly freebie train, or an everyday meme or theme party, there is a category for each.
Add your link up here! HOPIN N CROPIN

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